Toyota iQ


The mini-car wars, hopes and Scion to young, hip appeal to urban buyers with the 2011 iQ, which Scion says is the world’s smallest four seater car.


If you wash the current wave of super-small city cars look about the American market, would blame no one, American buyers think suffering a huge hangover SUV. Scion iQ to go in 2011, set on sale in spring 2011, the latest inclusion in an escalating struggle for the dollar of American drivers looking for small, efficient and affordable urban transport. With its small size, looks and youthful appearance and funky, the 2011 Scion iQ, the anti-Hummer. The New York Times explains, “is cute as a button on the square a city-slicker iQ small car, which at 120 inches, barely a foot longer than the Smart Fortwo, the smallest car sold.”

Scion iQ in 2011 on the Toyota iQ, a micro-car that is sold in Japan since 2008 and has based its way to Europe. By the car a Scion in the U.S., the company wants to capture younger buyers. Critics say that with its unconventional design and features that skew young (Scion has a standard stereo speakers filled six of the iQ small car), Scion a hit on their hands.


But the iQ is not only about his funky and stand out. Reviewers are impressed with the standard safety features, including 10 airbags – more than the number of other small cars usually offer as options – stability control and traction control. Plus, unlike other micro-cars like the Smart Fortwo, the iQ space for three adults and a child or pet, thanks to the way the seats are configured.


However, the iQ is not perfect. It is not yet test-driven, so reviewers have any comments on his performance. Scion has released preliminary horsepower and fuel consumption estimates. It is in several reviewers point out that the projected fuel consumption of the Scion, which in the high 30’s for the iQ, not so impressive for a small town, especially as the competition heats up in this segment.





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