Honda Freed



The Honda Freed Styling Study is a brownish amethyst MPV with blatant boyish capacity ashore all over. Styling Honda Freed MPV is the study with a metallic purple glittery girly detail all over. It features metal accents, tinted purple wheels, fog lamps and engraved well received. Within the four-door driver and passengers sit in white leather.





Dodge Grand Caravan

There are redesigned of 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. This new Dodge minivan is showing a dramatically redesigned face showing the new Dodge crosshair grill and a — dare we say it — sporty lower fascia. The headlights are also redesigned, or should we say, designed as the last ones were lifeless rectangles.

Those are LED tail lights on a Chrysler Mini van. They also stick out from the body now, much like the last gen Durango with two 3d tunnels that house the LED rings. A DODGE logo now replaces the Ram head logo that was centered over the license plate, and the rear bumper has been modified…presumably to not catch on the power tailgate during hot weather.

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Volkswagen Transporter Rockton



New 2011 Volkswagen Transporter Rockton, the newest member of the extended family of Volkswagen of full-size vans. As the name suggests, and see Rockton 2011 Volkswagen Transporter is more difficult version of the standard off-road transport increased. 2011 Volkswagen Transporter Rockton based on the recently facelifted version of the property and is equipped with a Haldex-based all-wheel drive with differential rear axle.


To improve the off-road capabilities, Volkswagen engineers have added an enhanced cushioning and control while maintaining ground clearance of 30 mm. And it’s about the Volkswagen Transporter Standard Version. But VW also offers buyers the other two options, marketing and protective packaging. Read more of this post