Honda Civic Coupe Concept




Honda revealed two concepts pointing to the ninth-generation, 2012 Civic. Honda wants us to know the prototype Civic Coupe and sedan will entice the “young at heart,” further highlighting some tension in being the “VTEC just kicked in, yo” company.


Not that there’s anything wrong with keeping older buyers from being alienated from an overly-stylized compact with a history of teen drama. Wider appeal is a good thing. And the Civic Concept sedan and Si Concept coupe aren’t safely styled, quite. Both have steep windshield rakes, straky sidelines and stocky stances. The kids will of course like the Civic Si Concept coupe, and its air diffuser, central exhaust and dual-vented spoiler. Both have 19? alloys.





Cadillac CTS Coupe



The coupe does not look like anything else on the road – a real plus in these days – and certainly with an aggressive air, especially when seen from behind (that’s the view, have most if the driver decides to eliminate the 3 , 6-liter V6 to the heart and kidneys). The accelerated review by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada for the 2011 Canadian Car of the Year, the CTS Coupe (automatic transmission) from 0 to 100 kph in 7.3 seconds and 80-120 in 5.5.


– If any – of this and a Cadillac treated on the road and it’s been a long time. The brand used to get a ride, you could cross the road, be encouraged, but our test car performance suspension forte, plus StabiliTrak, let me free of corners, where I usually need to ease on the accelerator.


Four-wheel drive is an option, and one I wish if I were to buy one of these. Sure, RWD allows the CTS handles a little better, especially in the summer only performance tires, but to add in this country AWD is almost a necessity if you plan to drive the car of the year.

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Cadillac CTS V Coupe



After a brief pause, the route again Cadillac hit in the Sports Car Club of America in World Challenge competition 2011th With its Cadillac CTS-V Coupe will develop a new racing car in cooperation with Pratt & Miller, New Hudson, Michigan, engineering company specializing in motorsports.


The CTS-V Coupe have to withstand many changes to the SCCA rules, but Cadillac is not yet known what changes the future include car racing. Of course, the fact that the standard coupe gets a 556 hp V8 engine is reason enough for some teams shaking in their performance tires. Read more of this post