2008 HUMMER H2


Inspired by the massive military-derived Hummer H1 off-road Ground Pounder, the debut full-size Hummer H2 SUV for five years as a go-to place for the “Look At Me ‘crowd. From various bits and pieces of GM’s full-size truck and SUV parts bin, the Rough Around-the-edge attitude was as much a part of its charm as the H2 all-terrain all-conquering.


More recently, however, the H2’s popularity as a result of the aging of the design suffered from escalating fuel prices, changing consumer tastes and its status as a popular target in the crosshairs of environmentalists and other social critics. From the standpoint of the Hummer, there is not much that will be done about fuel prices and the consumer, but do not have the option of the H2 better, and that was the mission for the updated model 2008.

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Hummer H3T



The H3T is intended for buyers who need serious off-road abilities and do not mind throwing a couple of great styling to the mix. While other compact cars are better on the sidewalk, no one can the M3T Where the Sidewalk Ends match. But most drivers spend the most time on the road where the H3T stumbles, thanks Trucky treatment and poor fuel consumption. Edmunds says the H3T “impressive off-road capabilities, a decent on-road behavior and look-at-me styling offers. But his list of errors goes on. Rival large crew cab pickups offer a better combination of performance, fuel mileage and payload.”

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HUMMER H3 Moab Concept offered with the solid off-road foundation of a 300-horsepower, V8-powered H3 Alpha with factory-installed front- and rear- locking differentials, the H3 Moab features a combination of production equipment, available aftermarket components and specialized modifications.


At the heart of the H3 Moab’s design is the combination of a Rancho four-inch front suspension lift and a custom rear spring-over conversion inspired by current HUMMER engineering test vehicles. The suspension modifications are supported by Rancho shocks and sure-footed performance is provided by its 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 tires mounted on custom 17-inch 2-piece Monster Black Competition Beadlock Raceline Wheels by Allied. Read more of this post



The last HUMMER H3 his way down the assembly line in Shreveport, Louisiana plant , the end of the HUMMER production and destruction of an iconic vehicle. The last HUMMER H3 was part of a fleet of 850 units ordered in the order of Avis Car Rental. The plant was recently brought back online these days to complete your order. As General Motors could not find a buyer, they will HUMMER brand and keep their brands, if they ever bring back a HUMMER vehicle.