Jaguar XJ Sentinel

2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel Front View 2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel

The Jaguar XJ Sentinel will be the vehicle of choice for the most discerning with ltimate armoured luxury limousine. It offers governments, security organisations and private individuals, the highest level of security, with advanced design, refined performance and a beautifully-crafted cabin.

Based on the long wheelbase XJ, the armoured vehicle maintains that model’s luxurious interior package, its compelling blend of comfort and agility, and convenient servicing using regular dealer equipment.

The Jaguar XJ Sentinel offers ballistic protection up to B7 level (BS EN 1522 level FB7 and BS EN 1063 BR7-), blast protection against 15kg TNT equivalent detonated within close proximity of the vehicle, and substantial under floor grenade protection.

The Sentinel powered by the refined and responsive 5.0-litre 385PS AJ-V8 Gen III naturally aspirated direct-injection V8 petrol engine, which is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. This powerful and sophisticated powertrain ensures that this car is capable of swift and agile performance, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds and achieving a top speed of 195km/h.

Jaguar XJ Sentinel Specifications


5.0-litre V8 Petrol AJ-V8 GEN IIIMaximum power: 385 PS (283 kW)Maximum torque: 515 Nm (380 lb ft)Transmission: 6-speed automatic


Acceleration 0-100km/h: 9.7 secTop Speed: 195 km/h


Weight: 3,300 kgGross vehicle weight: 3,800 kg


Up-rated suspension with active dampers front and rear.Jaguar High Performance Braking System.Strengthened 19? Aleutian Alloy Wheels with 245/45 19? Dunlop Self Supporting Technology®.Run on Flat tyres (RoF).


An extensive range of exterior paint colours, interior colours themes and optional equipment is available.

2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel Front Side View 2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel


Jaguar XJ Saloon

2011 Jaguar XJ Saloon Front Side View 2011 Jaguar XJ Saloon

2011 Jaguar XJ Saloon based of the Jaguar XJ. With features like extra rear legroom (a full 1 meter), illuminated rear vanity mirrors, four zone automatic climate control, rear privacy glass, a rear electric window sunblind, the XJ Saloon is targeted for the professional drivers and luxury transportation.

Jaguar also offers a special Chauffeur Programme where the XJ Saloon owners will have the benefits such as like-for-like replacement vehicles in the event of a mechanical breakdown during the warranty period. With its attractive residual values, low carbon footprint and distinctive appearance, the Jaguar XJ offers chauffeurs an innovative and sustainable choice.

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Jaguar C-X75 Concept


2010 Jaguar C X75 Concept Front Side View 2010 Jaguar C X75 Concept


Has extended the range of electric vehicles by Jaguar, performance through innovation has always been a Jaguar hallmark. From the beginning, cars such as the C-Type and D-Type pioneered aluminum construction, aerodynamic design, racing monocoques and disc brakes.

Jaguar C-X75 Concept with powered by electric motors working in conjunction with “micro gas-turbines”, which also throw in 1180 lb-ft / 1,600 Nm of torque. Jaguar claims the 6-hour-to-charge plug-in sports car has a range of 560 / 900 km miles and an Lithium-ion-only range of 68 miles with a “potential top speed” of 205 mph (330 km/h).


2010 Jaguar C X75 Concept Rear Side View 2010 Jaguar C X75 Concept

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Jaguar XKR 175 Coupe

Jaguar has officially launched the limited edition 2011 XKR175 Coupe. Marking the car’s first North American appearance, the XKR175 will debut at the McCalls Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center during the Pebble Beach Automotive Weekend.

Jaguar originally stated that the XKR175 would come packing 530 horsepower and 483 lb-ft of torque, but those figures have apparently been watered down. The 2011 XKR175 will hit showrooms with a more modest rating of 510 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque, good for a top speed of 174mph.

In order to distinguish the XKR175 from lesser XK models, it comes equipped with a new front air dam, revised side sills, a new rear diffuser and a larger rear wing – all adding to the car’s high-speed stability. New 20-inch wheels are part of the package, as are red brake calipers and an Ultimate Black paint scheme. Read more of this post

Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept



Jaguar is its 75th Birthday with the unveiling of the XJ75 Platinum concept, continue on the Pebble Beach Concours. The concept is based on the XJ luxury sedan and the company is the first demonstration of the potential of design to change. ”


The Platinum concept is a XJ75 contrast white and black theme, new ground-level front, rear and side sills, chrome exterior elements in either a dark or bright chrome and black 22 “rims painted black defined. The concept is painted satin white pearl . Read more of this post

Jaguar XJ

It is true that the previous XJ aluminum body and chassis architecture was a similar one could argue that is a little over a ReSkin and repowering. But in the first few meters, you realize it is a comprehensive review of what a large Jaguar luxury car should.

It has moved from the S-class or A8 or 7 series. XJ feels much sportier. The ride is no longer the float was the old XJ. The V-8 is not intended to be silent. The steering is quick, agile cornering. The design is not intended to communicate for formal or business status: it is about grace and extraversion and a little fun.

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Jaguar XF



Designed for the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class competitor, the XF is a sportier approach than the two predecessor and its competitors with a lower roofline and more aggressive. The fact that it is equipped with fender vents and a bulging hood, add to this perception.


Replacing the aging S-Type, the XF is based on the C-XF concept car, outside with much less dramatic headlights and a tamer. Engineering limits are from the C-XF headlights impossible to produce in a cost effective manner, but for cat-like eyes on the next-generation XJ, Jaguar designers say the look is more daring than the XF.


Since the first launch of the XF, a new series of engines with a base 5.0-liter V8, 385 hp has to be good. There is also a supercharged version of the 5.0-liter V8, good for 470 hp and is on the XF Supercharged model standard.

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