Range Rover 2011

The 2011 Range Rover brings with it a wealth of new-fangled technology. This model acquires a new rear-seat entertainment package, a cleaner, more powerful, more efficient engine, and subtle tweaks to its bodywork, including a new grille, wheels and vents.

Land Rover would have you believe this car is an ideal candidate for trundling across inhospitable deserts or expeditions in the arctic, but you wouldn’t think so to look inside. The top of the range Autobiography model we drove was ludicrously luxurious — particularly in the back, where it has one of the best rear-seat entertainment systems we’ve seen.

A pair of rear-facing 5-inch TFT displays are mounted into the front headsets, on which passengers can watch DVDs and digital Freeview telly, or even enjoy devices such as games consoles, which can be connected via twin composite inputs and juiced from a dedicated power point. Audio can be played over the car’s superb Harmon Kardon speaker system, or — if Mummy and Daddy don’t want to hear what’s going on back there — channelled directly to a set of wireless headphones. Read more of this post