Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn

The Ram Laramie Longhorn to 23 was launched in September 2010, is best Dodge Ram, designed equipped “for the owner, a truck for work or play them but not sell, but the best quality and sophistication.” The new luxury-up is destined for a permanent addition to getting the line-up.

“We handmade Ram Laramie Longhorn’s design features traditional, proven products, like the antique pocket watch, a fine pair of handmade leather cowboy boots supposed to saddle a Collector’s grade shotgun or a horse,” said Ryan Nagode Design “lead program.” The metal work and training is unparalleled. ”

Badging in the foreground, with a chromed metal Laramie Longhorn edition badges with painted accents mounted on the tailgate and model-specific (1500, 2500 or 3500) Laramie Longhorn edition badges adorn the doors. Stylist Nagode Ryan notes that the truck Liquid Chrome gauges with a band that features a composite rim, thought, and softly illuminated filigree. Read more of this post