Nissan Ellure Concept



Nissan has unveiled a new concept at the LA Auto Show this week, called Ellure. Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura urges fans not to stand in their expectations, however, to describe the Ellure as “a serious traffic accident, but does not celebrate a production car.”


“Although it is not intended as an example of an upcoming production model Ellure Nissan confirmed plans, a major player in the sedan segment in the coming years,” Nakamura said.


Designed as an expression of long-term vision for his Nissan sedan offers Ellure was developed with a view to attracting more female buyers – “. A sense of elegance and rebellion” especially 30-40 years old women

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Nissan Townpod Concept



Nissan Townpod provides a simple platform that each user can customize their own needs. Are they musicians, their kit between gigs, a delicatessen owner who distribute their goods or an architect who designs to a customer, all of the inside of her Nissan Townpod their own, adapted from third-party accessories.


Not so many years ago, the basic task for a single car occupants would work five days a week been, to take enough luggage space for a weekly trip to the supermarket, and enough space for a family car to the coast for a long weekend. More recently, the traditional sedans and estates have emerged as a hatchback, Vans, SUVs, and now crossovers, all destined for certain parts of the population, but not tailored to the specific needs of people who can not be, in such a way that not be easy to state. Read more of this post

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most exciting sports car. You do not know the characteristics of the vehicle, be aware that you are dealing with a specific machine. This is because the car uses an angular, muscular design, “aggression” in any way without screaming too much.

Yes, it’s pretty obvious that Godzilla does not stand out a bold color. However, some owners feel the need to dress their cars so special. That is exactly what we are discussing today: British automotive journalist and GT-R Fan Yu Davis, an example of the car (a 2009 Spec V), which has used come in a black finish. Read more of this post

Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet



There’s really not much to explain that the name doesn’t already tell you. This is a convertible version of the Nissan Murano. There is a retractable soft top that buries itself behind the second row if you feel the need to get a little more air than your average sunroof can provide. It’s strictly a four-seater, so a small sliver of its SUV utility has been removed in the name of comfort.


The CrossCabriolet will sit at the top of the Murano lineup, as every model will come loaded with features like HID headlights, 20-inch wheels, leather seats and wood trim. All models will be all-wheel drive as well. The same 265-horsepower V6 that powers all other Muranos is standard along with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Sales begin in the spring of 2011.

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Earlier this year we have heard that the much-vaunted Nissan GT-R Spec M would be known as “selfish”. Well, this morning, Nissan all details of the new 2012 GT-R and see are the Japanese automaker also introduced the “selfish” in addition. come far, the 2012 Nissan GT-R is not selfish in the United States. According to Nissan, in addition to the Japanese market, the company “is considering the introduction of an egoist in Europe and the Middle East.

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Nissan Murano



2011 Nissan Murano introduction of the Murano wagon minor styling changes a mid-cycle facelift for a basic design that forms from the 2009 model year dates. Murano grille, bumper and rear lenses are easily changed, and the basic 18-inch alloy wheels have a new look. to read the inside of the instrument panel dumps gimmicky orange backlighting for more sophisticated and simple white lighting.


Overall, the car remains a 2011 Murano artistic collection of curves and surfaces. Randy Highlights include a kink in the rear roof pillar and buffed biceps, body sides. Nissan Murano offers the car with unusually large 18 – and 20-inch wheels with a diameter emphasize that “ready-to-run nature.

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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Japo Motorsport refines the legendary RB26DETT straight six-cylinder biturbo engine with a displacement of 2.5 liter engine with the best HKS components. Just to name a few blows, two GT RS Turbo now in the cylinders with a powerful 1.5 bar increase, unleashed a veritable hell. The charge air cooler, elbow, half pipe, racing suction and room kit, injectors, plugs and cylinder head gaskets are also made by HKS. An HKS Fcon Pro standalone engine management system is responsible for the process. Because of its ARC-4-inch titanium exhaust system, you hear all japo skyline in the distance. Performance in a row, strong 523 hp and 597 Nm – at the wheel! Read more of this post