Tesla Roadster Convertible



Although electric cars were more popular than its competitors, gas in the early years of the cars in the early 1900s, they are nothing more than an occasional curiosity in recent times. Although fascinating for its fast and quiet, pollution-operation, the handful of electric vehicles in recent decades from more limited range (50-80 miles) and often suffered strange styling. By 2008, Tesla Roadster, the electric car goes from an awkward wallflower into a stylish and seductive queen of the ball.

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Tesla S














Tesla Motors is now accepting orders for the Model S, an all-electric family saloon car with seven people and travels 300 miles per charge.

The S model, the battery charger with on board may, from a 120V, 240V or 480V outlet, the latter are charged with only 45 minutes. Also by her car when stopping for a meal, the driver can go from LA to New York in about the same time as a gasoline car. Also developed ground-battery to be changed in less time than it takes to fill a gas tank, which mounted the possibility of the battery-swap stations.

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Tesla Roadster 2.5












Electric car maker Tesla Roadster recently in 2011, rumors that the two-seater would disappear to suppress in the next year. The revised car called Roadster 2.5 has styling and equipment changes will be refreshed, so it viable for electric lovers. The company says the changes through feedback were sold by the owners of the 1200 Roadster driven.

The 2.5 Roadster with a new front end with a revised front grille opening, aerodynamic winglets and additional vents for the front wheels and a redesigned diffuser. New seven-spoke forged wheels are available in black or silver for 2900 $. Tesla says the updated view previews future shape of the mark, yes, this Roadster Evolution of line with the forthcoming Model S.

Additional cockpit noise and grenades in the front fenders are the street noise outside the cabin, designed somewhat more noticeable on our experience, because the quiet drive train to keep the Roadster. Tesla says a review of the energy-control hardware is in hot weather performance, but does not elaborate on how this is achieved. Otherwise, the cars mechanicals are the same as last year. Read more of this post

TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster



Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer teamed up with electric carmaker Tesla to create the one-of-a-kind collector’s car the 2010 TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster. It will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time on March 4th. They’re some unique items included with the car such as a TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone and a one-fifth second Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch. The Roadster also features a unique Foucault Field Gray exterior color scheme with TAG Heuer graphics.

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Brabus Tesla Roadster



The Tesla Roadster BRABUS exclusive sports package including RWE Green and Eco Power Fast-Charger for 30,000 km


Really clean driving pleasure: the Tesla Roadster BRABUS sport of the Green Package Zero Emission Division BRABUS and his partner RWE, one of the world’s largest producers of electricity, defines the sports car. The exclusive BRABUS custom program for first production electric sports car include RWE BRABUS high-tech fast charger in the garage of the customer and environmentally friendly Eco RWE electricity for 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles). Also included is a year electricity RWE car for free use by all public RWE charging stations.

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Tesla Brabus Ultimate High Voltage


All developing electric Smart in cooperation with Tesla Motors, is a 61kw (82 HP) engine, which is also formatted with 280 Nm of torque power. The stamp is zero to 62 mph in 9.8 seconds.


Now all the electric cars are generally quiet and Brabus got on the subject by the car, an artificial noise generator, which gives the car has a roar like a V8 or a racing car. A smart, with a roar of a V8 is not only right, but we tend to think it was kind of cute.

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