Toyota iQ


The mini-car wars, hopes and Scion to young, hip appeal to urban buyers with the 2011 iQ, which Scion says is the world’s smallest four seater car.


If you wash the current wave of super-small city cars look about the American market, would blame no one, American buyers think suffering a huge hangover SUV. Scion iQ to go in 2011, set on sale in spring 2011, the latest inclusion in an escalating struggle for the dollar of American drivers looking for small, efficient and affordable urban transport. With its small size, looks and youthful appearance and funky, the 2011 Scion iQ, the anti-Hummer. The New York Times explains, “is cute as a button on the square a city-slicker iQ small car, which at 120 inches, barely a foot longer than the Smart Fortwo, the smallest car sold.”

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